About Us


2020 is the year when we decided to bring something new in Primošten.
For people with an adventurous spirit as well as those who want to experience Primošten in a completely new way we offer quad adventure.
Opportunity for those age 10 as well as for those 60.
An adventure you can experience with your
loved ones, as your children, family or your lovers.
Surely it wil be unforgettable memory for you.

Our offer include 6 quads, brand CF moto, 400 cubics camo color.
Two people can go to each quad.

You can decide on exploring Primošten by yourself and rent a quad.
If you are type of person who like that everything is planed and without any worries in adventurous ride of Primošten, you have on your disposable a guide who will take you trought a well known route like the old rural part of Primošten which is older more than 200 years, you will visit Gaj hill, statue of Our Lady of Loreto  and it will enrich your experience with interesting stories about locations you visit.

If you love learning about  his
tory you can visit Jurlinovi Dvori with your guide where you will hear a historical story and take a tour in museum and hear something of historical place Jurlinovi Dvori.

And if you want to try traditional tastes of Primošten, there is visit to Baćulovi Dvori.
Or if you want to see traditional animals, history and taste traditional snack( pršuto, cheease, and Babić and traditional Croatian cake Fritula) or have complet lunch ( traditional „Peka” with meat, octopus or lamb and salad and drink) we will take you to Šarićevi Dvori where you will have 100% of all Primosten experience.

And, of course, if you want to have memories for all life, our guide will take a picture of the tour and we will put it on CD for you or make samo interested and inovative suvenires of your choice.